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Restoration of an Orthodox church in northern Cyprus

Good news for all the faithful Christians living in the territory of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the recent decision of the local administration on the allocation of the Orthodox Church of St. George, located in p.Alsandzhak a 20-minute drive from the town of Kyrenia, for religious rites of the Russian community.

Church of the late 17th-century building, of course, is in need of major repairs, and Russian community is actively involved in charity events to collect donations for the restoration of the temple. Anyone with a tourist or a resident of Northern Cyprus can make their own contribution to the restoration of the first and the only Orthodox church on the northern part of the island.

“Good sign was the selection in our use of the church, – said Sergey Yeletskikh, a representative of the Association of Russian-speaking Northern Cyprus – George equally revered saints in the Orthodox Church as well as in the Muslim religion. So, it is a symbol of good will and understanding between nations. “

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