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Title deeds of TRNC


Buying a property in TRNC can be a complicated and strenuous procedure for those who are not familiar with the law and legal procedure. We pride ourselves with the benefit of many years of extensive experience in the conveyancing procedures for the sale and purchase of both residential and commercial property in North Cyprus.




After the division of the island, in 1974, North Cyprus has developed its own rules and regulations and a different legal system has been constituted by the Turkish Cypriots in relation to the conveyancing procedure. The first issue which has to be clarified is the type of title deed as there are different kinds of deeds under North Cyprus legal system. The property alternatives with different deed types are as follow:

a)      Turkish Cypriot or other foreign ownership pre- 1974: these type of title deeds are considered as wholly safe

b)      Greek Cypriot owned pre 1974: TRNC Freehold also called Esdeger or Exchange Land. This is land that was given to Turkish Cypriots by the TRNC Government in exchange for land that they lost on the south side when the island was divided. Based on 1983 TRNC Constitution, all the deeds are rectified and named as TRNC deeds and are freely transferable to foreigners

c)      Grant Title Deeds:  TRNC TMD Land is land that was given to mainland Turks as a reward for their military services.

d)     Leasehold – Properties owned by the TRNC Government who will grant long-term leases of 49 years


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