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Greek and Turkish Cypriot contractors join forces


Addressing an annual general meeting of the Cyprus Federation of Associations of Building Contractors, Marios Roushias, the Federation Chairman, said Greek and Turkish Cypriot contractors have signed a memorandum of understanding stipulating that both federations will work together for resolving the issues concerning constructions and to promote cooperation so that any activity emanating from the reconstruction of Cyprus will benefit both Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

The memorandum comes in the midst of a renewed UN-led effort for the solution of the Cyprus problem.

“We demand that we, the Cypriots ourselves,rebuild Cyprus and not foreigners on our behalf,” Roushias said.

Along the same lines, the President of the Turkish Cypriot Association of Building Contractors, Cafer Gurcafer, said Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot contractors should cooperate.

Speaking through an interpreter, Gurcafer expressed hope that the next general meeting will take place in a united Cyprus.

Addressing the assembly, Minister of Labour, Zeta Emilianides acknowledged that the construction sector received the biggest blow in the current financial crisis.

Communications and Works Minister Marios Demetriades noted that due to the financial crisis the state has very limited resources for development projects. “The times when the state had ample funds and could carry out a lot of projects belongs to the past,” he said. (CNA)

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